Air Conditioner Repair in Trinity, TX 75862

“Austin arrived and found out the fan blower in the outdoor unit was bad along with a contact. At first he thought that the part would have to be ordered and he called Josh. After discussing it and making sure it was the outdoor unit, Josh thought there was one in the shop. He found it and brought it by and Austin and Josh changed out the parts needed and now we are just waiting for the temperature to go down.
Both, Austin and Josh were very polite and explained things to where I could understand. My husband is disabled and it would have been hard on us to relocate temporarily. Austin had asked Josh about putting in a window unit if they didn’t have the part. I’m glad they didn’t have to do that but appreciate that Austin thought about it.
I even signed up for maintenance so I can be sure the unit is operating efficiently.
Thank you Austin and Josh for helping us.”

– Jacky D.